Monday, September 8, 2008

my school mate..really miss u

Yesterday..i met one of my very old schoolmates at matta fair pwtc... 20 tawun tarak jumpa oo...kawan masa form 1-3..x sangka tul nak jumpa dekat celah manusia yg ramai kat pwtc nih...I almost couldn't recognise her, until her friend came over and said 'kak.. akak kenal x ..tu kwn sekolah akak tu'.. when I saw her smile, I remembered who she was. She might have changed on her appearance (slightly), but her smile is always the same.I never thought I would be seeing her again after all these while. So we were both very surprised to have met each other.... it was really quite a coincidence.

Her name Aslina..still not married yet...ehem...ehemmm...x jumpa calon yg sesuai lagi yer...well... mas doakan As cepat2 bertemu jodoh....cepat cari taw...jgn tunggu lama2...hehe..suka sgt dpt jumpa As...really...

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