Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Famosa Resort Malacca Part 1

17th Dec, A short holiday trip to A Famosa and spending time together with incik papa sibling..

Bes3....Me, Hubby and doters tried the family ride but my little girl just floated around .......
yolar cikonet kecik lagi..bahaya tu..
but sory!!! no picturelar..huhuh..

It was quite sunny and hot on that day ... luckily we were in the pool instead...sejukkkkkkkkk..


we check in the afamosa villa in the later afternoon and rested before we go to adventure park...
jom tgk ...
adventure ke x...??

Inilah dia model2 nye... bakal2 driver..

1st timer..driving mini gokart..
upppss......kiter accident lar..uncle..tolong..
aiseh belum apa2 suar mama dah kena lecakkk.....arghhhhhhhh

sblm jalan kita posing dulu...hehe
Cowboy Town
Night time is the time for Red Indian show and carnival & fireworks ..
Orang utan, wild animals,chicken and even birds were parading in front of us. Dancers and performers were in it too... with some background music...

elephant show..

For those who have not been to A Famosa, it is alright to go with your kids. As for me, 2nd time was quite boring for me + tiket pong mahellllll but kids loved their time there! So it is still worth it as we get to spend some family quality time together.

Hug N Kisses,



mesti bestkan, mmg teringin nak bawak bebudak kesana, A Famosa mesti ada dlm kalendar cuti 2010

U-jin said...

mamasyaza..betu3..pi masa cny ok gak cuti panjang kan..

CuTeMiUt78 said...

eemmm bestnya.. teringin gak nak bawa mirul kesana

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